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Episode One: BLACK MASS



*Spoilers* September 30th, 2015 

Our inaugural episode where we talk about the film BLACK MASS, directed by Scott Cooper starring Johnny Depp as Irish mobster  Whitey Bulger. We discuss what worked for us in the film and some things we thought fell a little short. We also talk about the process of filmmaking and the many lives of a film. 


Other films we mention: 

The Departed

Out of the Furnace 

Donnie Brasco 

Crazy Heart 

The Godfather 


The Jinx


People we mention: 

Johnny Depp

Benedict Cumberbatch

Joel Edgerton

Jesse Plemons 

Dakota Johnson

Kevin Bacon

Peter Sarsgaard

Rory Cochrane 

David Harbour

Adam Scott

Corey Stoll

Julianne Nicholson

Scott Cooper

Sienna Miller 

Jeff Bridges

Christian Bale

Casey Affleck 

Woody Harrelson 

Matt Damon

Jack Nicholson 

Ben Affleck 
Maggie Gyllenhaal

Robert Duvall

Martin Scorsese

Al Pacino 

Colin Farrell




Melissa - Donnie Brasco
Whitey: United States of America V James J. Bulger


Jen - KCRW podcast 'Unfictional' - Couple in 303 






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