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1850’s in the barren wasteland of the Nebraska Territory. Nathaniel Lockwood holds the weight of his family business, Lockwood Saddles, on his shoulders. Overwhelmed by the changing times and a competitor that’s out of his league, he struggles to keep his ailing father and their business alive. When Emily, the wealthy woman he’s seeing, offers him an easy way out, he’s tempted to take it. That is until Jo, a mysterious woman, rides into town. Although she keeps her past to herself, she’s able to reignite Nate’s passion and gives him the solution he’s been searching for. They form an inseparable bond that wedges a divide between Nate and his father John, who just wants to see his son have a better life than he had. Their whirlwind romance is cut short however, when Jo’s past literally catches up to her and her dark secrets are brought to light.




 A Death Row prison guard named Danny faces a life altering choice when he’s confronted with assisting in the execution of a former childhood friend who ends up on Death Row.

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