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Episode Ten: CREED




*Spoilers* December 2nd, 2015

On this episode we discuss Ryan Coogler's new film CREED,  a spinoff of the Rocky franchise. We talk about the film's stellar cast, music and cinematography, among other things. We also discuss the right way to re- invent a franchise. 


Other films/TV we mention: 


Rocky II

Rocky III

Rocky IV

Rocky Balboa

Fruitvale Station

Grudge Match

Bourne Legacy

The Wrestler

The Fighter

Raging Bull


People we mention: 

Sylvester Stallone

Ryan Coogler

Michael B. Jordan

Robert DeNiro

Tessa Thompson

Ritchie Coster

Tony Bellew

Phylicia Rashad

Maryse Alberti

Jeremy Renner

Matt Damon

Daniel Craig

David O'Russell

Christian Bale

Mark Whalberg

Amy Adams

Melissa Leo

Kevin Hart

Jon Bernthal

Peter Segal


Our Recs


Melissa - The Fighter

Jen - Grudge Match








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