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Special Episode: BARISTA

with Jimmy Nguyen and Rock Baijnauth



*Spoilers* November 8th 2015

On this special episode, we talk with guests Jimmy Nguyen (producer) and Rock Baijnauth (director/producer) about their new documentary BARISTA. We talk about their process with the film, as well as pirates and who welcomed Rock to "The Show". 


Other films/TV we mention: 

Pulp Fiction



The Pirate Tapes

Captain Phillips


Schindler's List

Black Hawk Down


People we mention: 

George Lucas

Walter Murch

Ryan McGuffey

Michael De Luca

Kyle Glanville

Charles Babinski

Tony Goldwyn

Rob Thomas

                                                                                  Rock Baijnauth                                  Jimmy Nguyen

Coffee Shops mentioned

Menotti's Coffee Shop

Cafe Americano



Jimmy - End of the Tour


Rock - George Clooney


Melissa - Showrunners

Jen - Barista 








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