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Ulterior Motives is a thriller/horror anthology series in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and American Horror Story. The series follows 4 sets of characters, each with 3 episodes, before they converge in the 13th and final episode. This series is currently in development. 


We follow David, a man who has a twisted take on what love actually is. In his mind, when he finds a girl he likes, he's never going to let her go.   

Joseph Gordon-Levitt type for David 


We follow couple Ryan and Lindsey who just moved in to a an new apartment complex. After stranger interactions with a homeless man and the building manager, the couple questions if they know everything that's going on around them. 

YaYa DaCosta type for Lindsey

Anthony Mackie type for Ryan


We follow Ashley who struggles with her perfect sister Erin who belittles her. When she finds out a secret Erin has been hiding, however, Ashley takes matters into her own hands. 

Kate Mara type for Ashley

Anne Hathaway type for Erin


we follow a veteran mobster Frank who is using Samantha, a unwitting reporter, and Mike, the son of an old friend, for revenge.

Ray Winstone type for Frank

Diane Kruger

type for Samantha

Oscar Isaac

type for Mike

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